Division of Psychology, Counseling and Social Services

Laboratory / Unit G.G. Director / Head Link
Relational Dynamic Education and Counseling lab G.G. 256/16-11-1998 Professor Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos
Laboratory for the Cognitive Analysis of Learning, Language and Dyslexia G.G. 256(A) 16-11-1998 Assistant Professor Ioannis Dimakos
– Research & Diagnostic Unit of Dyslexia, Reading & Writing Assistant Professor Ioannis Dimakos
Basic & Applied Psychological Research Laboratory G.G. 256(A), 16-11-1998 Assistant Professor Kleopatra Diakogiorgi
Laboratory of the Analysis of Cognitive, Neuropsychological, Emotional and Social Factors regarding Learning, Development and Relationships of the Typical and Atypical Person, especially the Child G.G. 61, τ. Α’, 10-04-1990 Professor Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos

Division of Social & Educational Theory and Analysis

Laboratory / Unit G. G. Director / Head Link
Laboratory of Analysis and Planning of Educational Policy Sociological Analysis of Educational Data, Documentation G.G. 61/10-4-1990 Professor I. Kamarianos
Laboratory of Educational Policy, Economy and Continuing Education G.G. 5134/31-12/2019 Professor G. Stamelos

Division of Natural and Theoretical Sciences and Didactics

Laboratory / Unit G. G. Director / Head Link
Computers and Educational Technology Laboratory (CETL) G.G 2534/24-11-2015 Professor C. T. Panagiotakopoulos
The Science Laboratory G.G. 1971/10-9-2009 Prof. E. Koleza
Laboratory of Educational Research G.G. 162/30-11-1990 Professor Anna Fterniati
– Unit of Language Education (Didactics) and Students’ Practicum in Schools Professor Anna Fterniati
– Unit of Multicultural Education Professor Georgios Nikolaou
– Unit of Special Education-Deaf Studies Assistant Professor Klimis Antzakas