Name: Anny Position: Associate Professor
Surname: Asimaki-Dimakopoulou Subject: Sociology of Greek Education
Email: Phone: 2610 997292
Short CV:
  1. Anny Asimaki was born in Athens. She studied Sociology at the Panteion University (1990).  She did her postgraduate studies in the Department of Educational Sciences and Social Work at the University of Patras (1995) and her doctoral thesis in the same Department (2002).  She taught at the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (2002 – 2004). Today she is Associate Professor of the Sociology of Greek Education in the Department of Educational Sciences and Social Work at the University of Patras.  Her scientific and research interests focus on the Sociology of Education of the school and educational practices, the sociological dimension of the establishment, development and evolution of the education of women in Greece and abroad, on the social and educational exclusion of vulnerable social groups, as well as on teachers’ professional growth.
She has published scientific papers in journals in Greece and abroad on the educational and professional development of women, the formation and transmission of knowledge during the modern and post-modern period, the sociological approach to and analysis of teachers’ pedagogical practices as well as on their professional growth and development. She has written the following books: a) Asimaki, A., Koustourakis, G. & Vergidis, D (eds) (2019).  The Sociology of Education: Theoretical approaches and contributions to research .  Athens:  Papazisi Publications.  b) Asimaki, A., Kamarianos, I. & Koustourakis, G., (2011).  For a poetics of the Educational landscape.  Ten years on…A thank-you to Joseph Solomon (Volume II).  Athens:  Alexandreia.
Position – Subject:

Associate Professor

Sociology of Greek Education

Scientific fields of interest:
Employment history:
Main research work:
  • Teachers’ Professional Development – Life Long Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Sociological Analysis of Educational Practices
  • Social and Educational Exclusion
  • Education and Gender

Selected Publications

  1. Selechopoulou, V., Sakkoulis, D., & Asimaki, A. (2021). Investigating the Teaching Practice Framework in the Departments of Primary Education in Greece: A Sociological Approach. International Education Studies, 14(12), 140. doi: 10.5539/ies.v14n12p140 [Λήψη]
  2. Lagiou, A., Asimaki, A., Koustourakis, G., & Nikolaou, G. (2021). The Effect of School Space on Pedagogical Practices and Students’ Learning Outcomes: A Review of Scientific Sociological Literature. Open Journal For Sociological Studies, 5(1), 31-42. doi: 10.32591/coas.ojss.0501.04031l [Λήψη]
  3. Spiliopoulou, G., Koustourakis, G., Asimaki, A., & Lavidas, K. (2021). CULTURAL GOODS AND EDUCATIONAL EXPECTATIONS OF DAY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS / BIENES CULTURALES Y EXPECTATIVAS EDUCATIVAS DE LOS ESTUDIANTES DE ESCUELA SECUNDARIA DIURNA. European Journal Of Social Sciences Studies, 6(5). doi: 10.46827/ejsss.v6i5.1118 [Λήψη]
  4. Asimaki, A., Selechopoulou, V., & Koustourakis, G. (2021). THE WEB OF POWER RELATIONS AND THE SCHOOL REGULATIVE DISCOURSE DURING PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS’ TEACHING PRACTICES. European Journal Of Education Studies, 8(2). doi: 10.46827/ejes.v8i2.3567 [Λήψη]
  5. Asimaki, A. (2020). Training actions for specialist subject teachers and their contribution to teachers’ professional development. R-Socedu: Research In Sociology of Education1(1), 95-110. [Λήψη]
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