Aim of the Division of Psychology, Counseling and Social Services is the students’ acquaintance with the scientific study of the human cognition, affect and behaviour, as well as with the provision of counseling and social services to the person, especially the youth, in a rapidly changing and complex social environment.

Specifically, the SCSS Division includes the following Disciplines:

  1. A) Developmental Psychology, School and Educational Psychology, Social/Cross-Cultural Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience.
  2. B) Counseling in Schools, Group Counseling and Family Counseling Services, Addiction Counseling.
  3. C) Social Services and Social Work interventions that promote social change, development, and help meet basic and urgent needs of people and communities, with a focus on the vulnerable.


Vassilopoulos Stephanos Professor stephanosv@upatras.gr 2610 969742, 2610 969724

Dimakos Ioannis Assistant Professor idimakos@upatras.gr 2610 969740
Diakogiorgi Kleopatra Assistant Professor kdiakogiorgi@upatras.gr 2610 969746
Dritsas Ioannis Assistant Professor dritsasioan@upatras.gr 2610 369161
Mentis Manolis Assistant Professor ementis@upatras.gr 2610 369154
Panagiotopoulou Penny Assistant Professor ppanag@upatras.gr 2610 969739
Farmakopoulou Ignatia Assistant Professor ifarmakop@upatras.gr +30 2610 369149

Konstantopoulou Georgia Laboratory Teaching Staff gkonstantop@upatras.gr 2610969722
Sarris Menelaos Laboratory Teaching Staff msarris@upatras.gr +302610969725

Zafiratos Panagiotis Special Technical Laboratorial Staff zafeira@upatras.gr 2610 969737


Laboratory / Unit G.G. Director / Head Link
Relational Dynamic Education and Counseling lab G.G. 256/16-11-1998 Professor Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos
Laboratory for the Cognitive Analysis of Learning, Language and Dyslexia G.G. 256(A) 16-11-1998 Assistant Professor Ioannis Dimakos
– Research & Diagnostic Unit of Dyslexia, Reading & Writing Assistant Professor Ioannis Dimakos
Basic & Applied Psychological Research Laboratory G.G. 256(A), 16-11-1998 Assistant Professor Kleopatra Diakogiorgi
Laboratory of the Analysis of Cognitive, Neuropsychological, Emotional and Social Factors regarding Learning, Development and Relationships of the Typical and Atypical Person, especially the Child G.G. 61, τ. Α’, 10-04-1990 Professor Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos