The Division of Natural & Theoretical Sciences and Didactics has as scientific and didactic object the teaching of Natural and Theoretical Sciences courses (indicative: Geography, Language, Computers and Technology, Theology and Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Social and Political Education, Physics, Chemistry, etc.), as well as the didactics of these courses.


Koleza Evgenia Professor ekoleza@upatras.gr 2610 969738
Panagiotakopoulos Christos Professor cpanag(at)upatras.gr +30 2610 969707
Fterniati Anna Professor afterniati@upatras.gr 2610 969723

Demetracopoulos John A. Associate Professor jdimitrako@upatras.gr 2610 969776

Antzakas Klimis Assistant Professor k.antzakas@upatras.gr 2610 997757
Niftanidou Theocharoula Assistant Professor niftanid@upatras.gr 2610 969741
Tsihourides Harilaos Assistant Professor hatsihour@upatras.gr

Galani Mary Special Educational Staff galani@upatras.gr 2610 969750

Armakolas Stefanos Laboratory Teaching Staff stefarmak@upatras.gr
Zaxaropoulou Souzana Laboratory Teaching Staff souzahar@upatras.gr
Theodoropoulou Maria Laboratory Teaching Staff mtheodo@upatras.gr 2610 969719
Karatrantou Anthi Laboratory Teaching Staff akarat@upatras.gr 2610 969711
Lampropoulou Niki Laboratory Teaching Staff niki.lampropoulou@upatras.gr 2610 969706
Manesis Nikolaos Laboratory Teaching Staff nmanesis@upatras.gr 2610 969717
Mavrogianni Theoni Laboratory Teaching Staff theomavr@upatras.gr 2610969713

Tsene Lili Special Technical Laboratorial Staff tsene@upatras.gr 2610 969782


Laboratory / Unit G. G. Director / Head Link
Computers and Educational Technology Laboratory (CETL) G.G 2534/24-11-2015 Professor C. T. Panagiotakopoulos
The Science Laboratory G.G. 1971/10-9-2009 Prof. E. Koleza
Laboratory of Educational Research G.G. 162/30-11-1990 Professor Anna Fterniati
– Unit of Language Education (Didactics) and Students’ Practicum in Schools Professor Anna Fterniati
– Unit of Multicultural Education Professor Georgios Nikolaou
– Unit of Special Education-Deaf Studies Assistant Professor Klimis Antzakas