The purpose of the Division of Social and Educational Theory and Analysis is:

a) to serve the learning needs of students of the two directions and more specifically in the following pillars per direction:

  • Primary Education Teachers
    • Actors in (public) education
    • Knowledge and culture sharing agents
    • Contributors to the learning success of all pupils
    • Learning experts
    • Actors in the educational community.
  • Social Work
    • An ethics of practice, critical and reflective
    • A process of social intervention with individuals, families, groups and collectives
    • Professional partnerships, both interdisciplinary and collaborative
    • A contribution to personal and professional development.

b) research, in subjects such as:

  • Sociology, Sociology of Education and Social Work from the perspective of macro approaches
  • Education Policy, Economics of Education and Human Resource Development, as well as policies related to Social Work
  • Areas of Social Policy that focus on Education (e.g. employment, integration, etc.) and Social Work.


Nikolaou George Professor gnikolaou@upatras.gr 2610 969716
Associate Professor kamarian@upatras.gr 2610 997683
Stamelos George Professor stamelos@upatras.gr 2610 969729

Asimaki-Dimakopoulou Anny Associate Professor asimaki@upatras.gr 2610 997292

Kavasakalis Aggelos Assistant Professor agkav@upatras.gr
Lampropoulos Harilaos Assistant Professor hlabro@upatras.gr 2610 969733

Vikatou Eugenia Special Educational Staff vikatou@upatras.gr 2610 997735

Adamopoulou Anthi Laboratory Teaching Staff anadam@upatras.gr 2610 969727
Konidari Vicktoria Laboratory Teaching Staff vickonidari@upatras.gr 2610969781
Pitsou Chariklia Laboratory Teaching Staff xpitsou@upatras.gr 2610 969721
Frounta Maria Laboratory Teaching Staff mariafggm@upatras.gr 2610 969780

Panagiotopoulou Vasiliki Special Technical Laboratorial Staff panavasi@upatras.gr 2610 969737


Laboratory / Unit G. G. Director / Head Link
Laboratory of Analysis and Planning of Educational Policy Sociological Analysis of Educational Data, Documentation G.G. 61/10-4-1990 Professor I. Kamarianos
Laboratory of Educational Policy, Economy and Continuing Education G.G. 5134/31-12/2019 Professor G. Stamelos